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Swing 1.1.1

I'm stuck with Swing 1.1.1, trying to create a filthy rich client at work. The reason for being stuck with an obsolete Swing release is that we're developing on CrE-ME, a Java ME CDC implementation for Windows CE.

Swing 1.1.1 is missing a lot of features you take for granted when you've been working with recent Swing releases and want to create visual effects. When I started to create the client UI I intended to use gradients and shadows because they're pretty. But wait, let's list some of the things that's missing in Swing 1.1.1

Bye bye drop shadow and transparency.
It's true, no gradients... not even a Paint interface.
No scale operations and no rotation on the graphics canvas. Too bad.

The only thing left to do is faking as much as possible. I'm creating faux shadows, rendering solid shadows with colors carefully matched to the background. Gradients can be achieved with a tiled background image slice.

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