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Comment spam

Last couple of days I've started to recieve comment spam. I've never had a problem with this before (probably because I post too little and have almost no readers), but anyway now I felt that something had to be done.

I didn't want to use a CAPTCHA so I decided to try Akismet instead. It is a collaborative effort to battle comment spam. I guess some bayesian filters and other fancy AI techniques are used.

I have implemented a first draft that is activated now. I'm using the PHP 4 class by Bret Kuhns to integrate with Akismet. Everything seems to work, Akismet agress with my that the spam I'm getting is in fact spam so all I have to do now is to remove the non-approved, spam comments from my database. The thing that remains is to make some fancy administration to handle false-positives, but I doubt I'll encounter many of those.

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