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Gimme back the F5 key!

What's the deal with F5 in Visual Studio (VS)? Did the developers at Microsoft hold a competition on which usability guidelines to break or what happened here? F5 should be for refreshing the document tree, not building and executing the project for crying out loud!

Deep breath.

Picture this: I have selected a folder in the solution browser and want to refresh it. To do this I instinctively press F5 since that's how you update a folder in Windows. Windows Explorer does this. Eclipse IDE does this. LeechFTP does this. Yes, practically every program out there that lets you manipulate file structures allows you to refresh the state by pressing F5.

So why not in VS? With a selected folder F5 should refresh it, not build it. To add to the injury, VS tries to launch the resource too, so after the build process is done you'll get an error message telling you that the type of project you selected cannot be executed (duh).

All this F5 crap is just so stupid.

On to the next annoying thing: You'd think that VS would support copy and paste of files and folders between VS and the rest of the OS (other IDEs do), but it doesn't. After all, Microsoft wrote the OS, so how can this even make it through testing? Wait, I know. The same guy that approved F5 probably tested this feature to. Awesome!

P.S. If you know any way to fix these things please let me know. And also, if there is any way to make VS build automatically, tell me cause I can't see any reason not to support that. D.S.

P.P.S. Yes, I'm a Java developer temporarily working in .NET. D.D.S.

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