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SQL statements continued

I realized my faked prepared statements don't work today. As soon as the string contains a questionmark the implementation breaks.

How to fix this? Well, by making sure we don't search for questionmarks in the inserted strings... strpos has a nice additional argument that defines the offset from where to start searching. This makes it pretty easy to solve the problem by introducing an offset counter. The DB::_prepare method now looks like this (changes marked in red):

function _prepare($statement, $value) {
    $value = $this->escape($value);
    if (!is_numeric($value)) {
        $value = "'$value'";
    $pos = strpos($statement, '?', $this->offset);
    $this->offset = $pos + strlen($value);
    return substr_replace($statement, $value, $pos, 1);

The methods that invoke the internal DB::_prepare function clears the offset variable before they start building a new statement. This effectivly stops questionmarks from messing up the statements.

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