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Do you remember Action Supercross (a.k.a. Across) and its sequel Elastomania? Well, I do and today I discovered X-moto, a free, open-source clone of Elastomania. The best part is that it is cross-platform so I can play it on my iMac.

While it can't beat the original game (and by original, I of course mean Action Supercross), it sure can make me remember how it was back in the days when we were playing for hours to beat the high scores. We used to make our own mission packs with filled graphical nonsens just for the fun of it (to the left is a screen cap from the level Sleeping Man).

So, if you feel like taking a trip down memory lane, try out X-moto. I think it even has a built-in track editor, much like the original game on the Windows version.

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  1. I've wasted so many hours on Action Supercross!

    28th February 2007, 02:50 CET. 

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