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Application launcher for Windows XP

I found this great little application called Colbri, which you could call a QuickSilver clone, but for Windows XP. It is an application launcher that suggest applications as you type parts of their names.

I'm on Windows XP at work and the second most frustrating things about Windows is how to start applications (the most anoying thing is the lousy taskbar which is cluttered - and grouped! - if you have more than five apps upp and running). The start-menu is often nothing but a mess and once you've gotten used to QuickSilver it just won't do with shortcuts on the desktop...

Colbri is just what I was looking for. A small application that makes my life easier. I've gotten used to find good applications like this for OS X, but they have all gone MIA for Windows it seems.

Now I just need a replacement of the taskbar or a really good application switcher that helps me find the right window easier.

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