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A new engine and fresh paint

Time to empty your cache and reload this page. Shift and reload should actually be enough...

The long overdue refactoring of the weblog is finally completed! I have made a bottom-up rewrite of the whole weblog to have a better structured, more maintainable weblog. I also got to introduce some functionality I've always wanted but not had the energy to implement.

From the vistors' point of view, things are quite similar, but some things do have changed:

Under the hood

It is behind the scenes, or under the hood, that most things have changed. To start with, the weblog is now based on an OOP MVC pattern approach. The DB model supports dynamic pages with arbitrary addresses which basically makes it a CMS. Entries is simply an extended page, that has some extra properties like for example comments.

One of the things I've done during this refactoring is to write my own database connection handler. I didn't feel like using PEAR DB, but still wanted to be able to switch database vendor if I ever would like to. Another reason for writing my own DB handler was that I didn't want any global connection variable, therefore the DB handler only connects if a connection isn't already established.

Below is a list of things that has been introduced or redesigned during this refactoring.

External libraries

I have used a couple of external, open-source libraries and functions in the weblog.

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