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Refactoring the weblog

I started to refactor the weblog a couple of days ago. The reason for doing this is to clean up the mess and switch to a clean OOP approach. The blog will still be written in PHP 4, but for my purposes, the OO capabilities of version 4 is sufficient.

What I've done (or plan to do) is this.

The way I write classes in PHP is similar to how I write them in Java. This means I am using easy-to-understand (i.e., long) function names, getters and setters and camel-case variables and functions. The approach is in turn based on the one I used when developing, but takes it one step further by introducing more real OOP. In NTK, I simply used static classes to have a namespace in which functions was group.

It still remains to see when the refactoring is completed. These kind of projects tend to grow and grow and grow...

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