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New apartment, new stuff

I have finally moved to a new apartment. It is a rental with 2 rooms and a kitchen. Perfect for me and Lisa. It is completely renovated so we have a new kitchen, bathroom and new floors.

We were both surprised how easy it actually was to get a first hand contract. I know Lisa spent many hours surfing websites, looking up landlords, signing us up and so, but I must say I was surprised that we all of a sudden had the opportunity to get 4 appartments.

In addition to the new apartment, I have a new computer. I got an iMac Intel as a thank you for my thesis project. I really like the larger display, but have to get used to the little more noisy computer (compared to the dead silent Powerbook).

And how's work you might wonder? It's very much Java and I enjoy it. I have not had the chance to continue with the touch screen prototype yet. In fact, I haven't really been doing anything graphical since I got employed.

Time to clean up the construction dust from the kitchen...

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