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A graduation and a job

I gave my final presentation of my master's thesis project yesterday, so this means I am officially no longer a student.

On monday, I will start my employment at Extenda, where I did my thesis work. I do not know exactly what I will be working on yet, but I am sure it will be something exciting. I look forward to not having exams to worry about and hope I will manage to relax once I am at home. As a student, I think you always have a little bad conscience as soon as you relax because there is always an exam or deadline coming up that you could work on a bit extra. With work, you have the 40 hours a week to worry about deadlines, but the difference is that you get payed! As a student, you work 40 hours for loaned money and worry 60 hours about exams, the future and debts (or something like that). Working sounds amazing, don't it?

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