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Where is the DOM in Flash?

I have used the trial version of Flash 8 whole week to develop a simple prototype for my thesis project and a couple of things really bug me with flash.

To begin with, the application suffers from severe focus issues. When I see a blinking cursor in the script-window, I assume that it is in focus and start to type. But wait, No. Focus is at a completely different place, causing my typing to select all kind of tools, ultimately ending in deleting something important or starting to play the movie. Yikes!

When talking about scripting, flash has improved its scripting capabilities for each version. I like that it's possible to start scripting right away if you already master javascript and have the basic understanding of how flash works.

As I see it, one thing still lacks in Flash. The possibility to select a bunch of instances based on their object. I have not found a method to to this, instead I manually set events, or have to name each instance of the object before I can set the handles dynamically.

I would like to be able to use something like _root.getInstancesOf(object) to grab all the buttons of a certain type. If there is a way to do this, please tell me.

Reader comments

  1. This might be a bit late, but there is a way (or perhaps a hack) for accessing MovieClip instances this way.

    Go ahead and download this sample FLA:

    The source code is pretty well-commented. Drop me a line of you've got any questions.

    24th February 2006, 21:16 CET. 
  2. Ooo, thanks Mike!

    17th August 2006, 00:14 CET. 

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