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Problems with Prototype and Safari

I have problems with capturing click events in Safari. It seems like there is a problem with the Event.stop() function, or possibly the registration of events. I have put together a simple test case.

I have only noted this behavior in Safari. I have used other methods to attach/detach events earlier and these experienced the same type of problem in Safari. It is only links that are affected by this (try the button in the example).

Using obj.onclick = function() solves the problem, but I don't like the fact that something is broken. Using onclick also breaks the other event methods in prototype if you don't fix it in the executed function:

$('obj').onclick = function(e) {
   e = window.event || e; // MSIE fix

I don't know if there is a solution to this problem. Maybe you are not supposed to use links in AJAX applications? I believe links should be used a lot in AJAX because this is the best way to make it unobtrusive.

Update: Added a short explanation to the test case and enumerated the tests to make it easier to reference to them.

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