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Dir vs. ls

Switching between OS X and Windows makes one realize how nice ls is in comparison with dir. Think about it.

ls is a well-designed two character word. With a proper hand setup on the keyboard, you use the ring finger on each hand to type. No movement of the fingers, just two simple touches. It is fast to type and easy to remember as muscle memory kicks in. Mmm, muscle memory.

dir is typed with the middle finger. It begins nicely with the "d", but then I'm suddenly required to move both hands to fill in the "ir". Seems like a lot of work to get a directory listing to me.

This kind of things makes it obvious that *nix was first, but why didn't Bill use ls? Was he too proud to copy or does he type with a totally irrational hand setup?

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Created 17th October 2005 10:33 CET. Filed under Interaction design.

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