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My Dashboard

At first, I didn't use Dashboard at all. But with time, it has grown on me and recently I've realized I'm checking in quite often. Transmit, getDilbert, Sing that iTune, and SimpsonBot together with a lot of developer widgets have made me appretiate dashboard more.

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  1. Dashboard is a popular topic today, nerd-gossip-idg, wrote that there is about 1000 widgets to download to the dashboard.

    How long can I resist to buy a mac? (days?, weeks? or moths?, I know that years seems to be inpossible. The need to rob a bank or sell my pc grows stronger every day)

    ...and, Samuel, nice with a simple down to earth post, it helps me to feel a bit less incompetent :)

    3rd August 2005, 12:33 CET. 

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