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Variable scope in MSIE

I just have to get this off my chest after 20 minutes or so of debugging a javascript.

Sometimes, I really, really, really, really, really dislike Internet Explorer.

I mean, for heaven's sake, why is there a conflict between form-element-names and identifiers? It's so stupid you just cannot keep in your head all the time.

The problem probably stems from the so called feature that you can referer to elements directly from the document object, e.g. document.myField, but I never use this so WTF...

Another annoyance is of course that you cannot name a field action if you'd like to access the action-attribute of the form later on in a javascript.

So here we go, a couple of reasons why mac rules right now:

Now, back to fixing an annoying rendering bug in MFF that occurs when I apply alpha to a container. Do I need to mention that this bug is 100% Win only (surprise!)?

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