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It must be a Mac

Today I got my first real Oh, is it that simple? experience with my new Powerbook. I had a problem connecting with Fugu to an account at my school so I started looking for a FTP client.

However, after a while it struck me... But could it be that simple? I figured it was worth an shot (after all, it is a Mac) so I hit cmd+k in Finder and typed in the info and voila! My account was mounted as an external disc and ready to be used.

It cannot be denied, Mac rules! It is the small things like this, that just works out of the box, which makes the experience superior compared to the w2k interface I've gotten used to over the years.

I hope to get back to you again soon and write more about my experience with OS X. Hopefully I will have time to write about some of the stuff that has kept me too busy to write on the blog also.

Anyway, at least you all know I've converted now. Lucky me!

Update: I feel the need to add that mounting a ftp like this is read-only. I didn't notice that the first time I used it because I only needed to fetch files. Luckily there are good, free ftp-clients out there, I've given Cyberduck a try and it seems good enough for now.

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