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Drums, drums, drums

It has been a while since the last time, but now I am back with more songs. This time I will present a whole bunch of tunes with one thing in common which is a lot of drums.

This is the last post in the MIDI music frenzy series since I decided to group the remaining songs under the suitable title Drums, drums, drums.

I guess you could say that about all the songs I have written, but these songs are more or less all about the beat. Not all, but many of them started out with an idea for a backing, e.g. a two-drummer setup, and from that I created a 'melody'.

The tunes

We start of with the black sheep in this group of seven songs. It is called Dave Weckl - Layback. I believe I wanted to write something with a piano and this was the result. The melody and drums are synchronized and the whole song is rather (surprise) layed back.

Dave Weckl - Layback

Next, we have Dave Weckl - Let's Go Crazy Tonight. This song is all about the drums. It is based on a two-drummer setup, i.e. two backings mixed together. Unfortunately I never finished this one, so the end is rather abrupt, I guess I never found a way to end it.

I remember having problems with this tune when I wrote it because of the two backings. If you hear blanks when there should be a hit on the bass drum you have the same problem as I did.

Dave Weckl - Let's Go Crazy Tonight

The third song is Dave Weckl - Loosing Up in which I explored with escalading drums. This song could be considered a tribute to the swedish pop group The Wannadies since their String Song was a source of influence.

Dave Weckl - Loosing Up

Dave Weckl - Radiohit is a short song with multiple drums in it. This one also suffers from occasional blanks due to the mixing of multiple backings. I am quite happy with the drums in this one, especially in the beginning, when the hi-hat is used to introduce variation in the beat.

Dave Weckl - Radiohit

Say good buy to Dave Weckl. The last song I wrote with under this pseudonym is Dave Weckl - Totally Weckled. There is no structure or melody here, only a crazy, out-of-sync bass and quite crazy drumbeats on top. I think it is rather funny and at the same time I am relieved when it stops.

Dave Weckl - Totally Weckled

After the Weckl-era I wrote two more songs. The first one is called Räkneskaper, which is Swedish and could be translated to arithmetic's. If you listen to the song I think you will understand where it got the name from. When I wrote this song I had two things in mind; a tricky beat which would be hard to follow and a chance to use the hihat and bass drum a lot. I think I achieved both of these goals.


The last song is actually the last I have written. It is called Tobe and I don't have a clue why. I don't even know if it means anything. The song emerged from the beat that is driving the tune from start to end. The melody is a tribute to the Swedish pop act bob hund. And by the way, pitching is fun, right?


That was it. The major part of my MIDI compositions is now online. When I find time, I will try writing something with more substance. Until then, enjoy!

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