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Mmm apple...

For some time now I've been thinking about buying a Mac. Ever since I first laid eyes on the iMac G5 I've been thinking if only I had the money.

So what happens? Apple release the Mini. The answer to my dreams or a bad headache? I just can't tell.

My biggest concerns with the Mini are:

Since I'm not a gamer the only thing I demand from a new computer is that it'll start Firefox, Word etc without keeping me waiting. Okay, and maybe I wanna be able to play music at the same time, or is that asking to much?

Feel free to push me in the right direction. 20 000 SEK ($ 2 800) for a iMac G5 or 12 000 for a Mini with a 19" TFT? As of right now, before I've found any tests, I'm leaning towards the Mini (I know... I cheap).

Reader comments

  1. The mini is cheap but why even concider the G5 for those purposes?

    I would recommend a powerbook 12" 1.5ghz (12k sek with developer discounts) and a nice 20" wide-flat for another 8k (also this with the discount, 10k without).
    Now you can bring your, completly silent, completly mobile, where ever you go.

    A small, portable system for the same price as the G5 (yeah, you also got dual displays)

    15th March 2005, 11:38 CET. 

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