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Midi music frenzy

Today I decided to start publishing some old MIDI songs I've made in the past. To make it clear, I'm not a musician. Or maybe, I guess I might be one, or at least have been, if you think a drummer is a musician. You decide.

Anyway, knowing that I'm a drummer is essential for the overall appreciation of the songs. You have to understand that out of maybe 16 channels at least 8 - 10 is drum tracks.

My plan is to release one tune at a time with some thought evolving around the so called music.

The background story

This story involves Anders Fjeldstad, his MIDI-synth and too much spare time.

One day I got the idea that I wanted to record some songs on the computer. It was mainly because I wanted to play with the drums and do a lot of overlays but also because I wanted to play some piano. So who did I know who owned a synth if not Anders. Lucky for me, Anders didn't use his synth so I could borrow it. The result? 16 - 20 songs of spanning from mediocre to bizarre.

I guess what I'm trying to say is: If you need to blame some one for me getting a hand on a synth - blame Anders...

One more thing about the MIDIs is that I've written them under the pseudonym Dave Weckl. Dave Weckl is a great drummer so the pseudonym is of course there to imply that the drums in the songs are outstanding...

Today's tune

The first thing I wrote actually came out pretty good. I warn you when I say good I mean that you can listen to it, nothing more - nothing less. Anyway the song is called Dave Weckl - Human or Machine. I'll leave it up to you to decide...

Dave Weckl - Human or Machine

Don't miss the drum lick around 0:57, it's mean!

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  1. Sure, blame Anders...hehe.

    25th January 2005, 23:57 CET. 

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