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Liquid information

David sent me an e-mail about this article over at Wired called Information wants to Be Liquid. The project Liquid Information aims to loosen up the web and let the hyperlinks blend into the context, i.e. every word in the text is a link - hyperwords.

I like the idea of links becoming personalized. You would truly be able to experience a site in your own way. It adds to the non-linearity of the WWW, which sometimes can be hard to see at these days.

They have a nice demonstration where you can add their context sensitive menu to your own website, here's mine. It's nothing revolutionary but I think this might be the beginning of something. I like being able to look up a word by just clicking it, or highlight words on the page. Of course, these functionalities already exists as plugins or build in features in e.g. Firefox, but if they where integrated like this everybody could take advantage of them.

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