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Up and running - at last!

Welcome to my weblog! After five days of waiting I finally got mod_rewrite activated and working on the account so now I have no choice but to start posting.

The purpose with this blog is to give me a place where I can write about web development, my studies and life as I know it.

My interests in web development mainly evolve around user experience now a day. I've been programming PHP since '00 and before that I fiddled a little with ASP and Perl.

I'm a student at the Master of Science program Interaction and design at Umeć University and as it looks right now I'm due to graduate January 2005. My education has made me aware about the interaction challenges on the web and I think it's really interesting how techniques such as javascript can improve the user experience and find new interaction paradigms.

*Pling* 2 points on the bullshit scale.

Since I've made the weblog from scratch it still has some minor (or major?) errors and glitches that need to be fixed. Hopefully the core functions such as reading posts, making comments on them and pinging posts will work but I can't know until someone else than myself has tried them out.

Some stuff that needs improvement:

So, my short term plans right now is to make some posts about this blog and another experiment or two that I've got lying around.

Oh, don't forget the blogmarks. When I find something interesting that I don't think deserves a whole post, or I don't have time to write about, I'll submit it to the blogmarks. The switch in the sidebar is inspired by 1976design's look-and-feel.

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