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Life without devedge

When Devedge disappeared a couple of weeks ago I thought it would be just temporary. After a few days though I started to grow uneasy and found this article over at the Javascript weblog.

I can tell you, it didn't feel good. My main Javascript and DOM reference was gone for good. What to do?

Luckily for me, Ivan Yeung saved the most of Devedge and reconstructed it in his Web development reference sidebar. It has made life a little easier but still lacks one of my favorites with the Devedge Sidebar, namely the Javascript references. All alternative resources I've found haven't got frames for quick access. The pages I've found so far is:

What I'm looking for is, if not a Firefox Sidebar, is something similar to the Java API. I want to be able to swap between different classes and objects without pressing my back button two times and then search in a loooong list before I find the class/object I'm interested in.

So, as my reader, have you got any tip?

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  1. I'm been doing the same resource search the last week, and haven't found anything of value that can possible work as a substitute for the Netscapes site.

    Finaly I found that i'm having an old, very old local copy of the javascript reference. But thats only a small piece of what I was looking for :(

    Mail me of you want that copy. And as i said it's old. Back from the days when i was working with the webb, at the end of 90's. (I'm actuallay feeling abit old now!)

    25th November 2004, 10:17 CET. 

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