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About me

Some personal facts. I am originally from Luleć, a city in the northern parts of Sweden. I am married to Lisa since 2004. She studies medicine at the Biomedicine program at Umeć University. An annoying habit I have is to drum on arbitrary stuff with my hands and feet. This is something I started with when I played drums.

Err, time to confess. My name is Samuel Sjöberg and I am a geek.

Picture of me

I make my living doing what I like best; developing usable things. I am a system developer at Extenda where I am working with the Enterprise Java POS. I graduated from the Interaction Technology and Design program at Umeć University in 2006. I did my MSc project at Extenda and developed a touch screen prototype for the Enterprise POS and joined the company after graduation.

My area of expertice (in which I have a degree) is usability software engineering. Translated to non-bullshit that means I'm trying to make easy-to-use software products.

If we talk about my interests, I'd say it's mostly related to web in general and web UI frontends in particular. The language of choice is often PHP. I've been looking at Ruby on Rails but will need a good reason (i.e., a big project) to actually get started with it.

Even though server side scripting is important I consider the client side much more existing. Web standards and compliant, non-obtrusive scripting is one of my main interests.

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